Colleyville Book Club discusses controversial issues in Seven Wings to Glory

October 4, 2017

With members of Colleyville Book Club (Standing L-R): Michele, Hostess Tari Sanchez Bauer, Shelly, Co-hostess Mandie Bauer, and Joan. The club hosted me two years ago when they read my second novel, Johnnie Come Lately. Such a warm group of readers.

Members of Colleyville Book Club welcomed me for a lively discussion about my latest novel, Seven Wings to Glory. We talked about the characters and how they each dealt with issues of war, racism, and family secrets in the town of Portion, Texas, a fictional suburb located near Dallas/Fort Worth Airport.

After I read a brief excerpt from chapter two (the inciting incident), we each opened up and shared our own experiences dealing with discrimination and intolerance. A big thanks to hostesses Tari Sanchez Bauer and her daughter, Mandie Bauer, for selecting my novel for their October pick. The club will donate their copies to the library as a “book club kit.”

Thanks to all of you who’ve read my books and offered your support. Thanks to Camel Press for believing in my work.

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Senior Circle Book Club in Granbury, TX welcomes Seven Wings to Glory author Kathleen M. Rodgers

July 14, 2017

Last September I was invited to Senior Circle Book Club in Granbury, TX to discuss my second novel, Johnnie Come Lately. When I mentioned that my third novel was releasing a few months later, they invited me to come back with the new book.

Today I had the pleasure of speaking to this warm and attentive audience. After I read a few passages from the opening pages of Seven Wings to Glory, several members asked questions about my writing process and how long it took me to write my third novel. One lady was curious about the title. I got a kick sharing how the title came to me in a dream.

I enjoyed telling the group how my first novel, The Final Salute, was a sixteen year effort and ended up being featured in USA Today and The Associated Press.

We also talked about two of my favorite subjects: dogs and the military. A few of the women in the group came up to me later to tell me about their loved ones who’ve served in the Armed Forces. One lady who’s not pictured in the photo remembers her early childhood when her family lived on land which is now part of Fort Hood, the massive Army post located in central TX.

After my talk, I signed books and we enjoyed some delicious refreshments. Many thanks to Cory Johnson, Director of Senior Circle, for making the arrangements to have me back for the second visit. 


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Second Thursday Book Club discusses Seven Wings to Glory

July 13, 2017

With members of The Second Thursday Book Club at Mary Lou Reddick Library, Lake Worth, TX. Director Lara L. Strother is second from left. Three members at the discussion are missing from the photo.

Members of the “Second Thursday Book Club” at the Mary Lou Reddick Library in Lake Worth, Texas, rolled out the red carpet and welcomed me for a lively discussion about my third novel, Seven Wings to Glory. We also talked about its predecessor, Johnnie Come Lately. After I read a couple of brief passages from both novels, I took questions from the members. As an author, it’s thrilling to be in the company of a group of readers and listen to them discuss your characters as if they are real people. 

Two of the members, Dolly and Emma, both have close ties to the Grapevine, TX area where I set my fictional town of Portion. Emma grew up on a farm which is now buried under Lake Grapevine (Portion Lake in the story). Dolly remembers attending barbecues as a child on land now under water. Several members of the book club went back and read my first novel, The Final Salute, after reading the other books. 

With Barbara who originally hails from Roswell, NM

As a native New Mexican now living in Texas, I was thrilled to learn that one of the members (Barbara) is from Roswell, NM. I was presented with a bouquet of flowers after the discussion. 

A huge thanks to Lara Strother, Director of the Mary Lou Reddick Public Library, for the invitation. I appreciate my dear friend,  Drema Hall Berkheimer, author of Running on Red Dog Road, for recommending me.



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“Book Club” welcomes author Kathleen M. Rodgers

January 26, 2016

L-R: Susan Wright, Shawna Shlock, Kathleen, Elizabeth Tessler, and Beth Moore.
L-R: Susan Wright, Shawna Ashlock, Kathleen, Elizabeth Tessler, and Beth Moore.

A book club founded ten years ago in North Texas (and still going strong) invited me to their January meeting to discuss both of my novels. Many thanks to Elizabeth Tessler for selecting Johnnie Come Lately and The Final Salute for a two book discussion in the warm surroundings of La Madeleine in Arlington, TX. The group was genuinely interested in my writing process, and they seemed pleased that I’m working on a third novel. When I told them I have a tight deadline, they cheered me on with words of encouragement and asked lots of good questions that will help me as I complete Seven Wings to Glory.

Club member Shawna Ashlock gifted me with this beautiful bookmark at the end of the evening.
Club member Shawna Ashlock gifted me with this beautiful bookmark at the end of the evening.

Our cashier’s face lit up when she discovered I’m an author. Turns out she’s an aspiring writer with dreams to publish one day. I gave her my card and invited her to contact me. We writers need all the encouragement we can get. Thanks again to “Book Club” for investing your time and emotion in my stories.




Colleyville Book Club welcomes Johnnie Come Lately author Kathleen M. Rodgers

December 9, 2015

FR L-R Kathleen M. Rodgers, Tari Sanchez Bauer, Shirley Miller, Top R L-R Patricia Dede Larmon (holding portrait of Mandie Bauer), Shelley Stults, Tuula Westlake, Julie Moore, Sharon Nunez Couch. Photo by Mandie Bauer
FR L-R Kathleen M. Rodgers, Tari Sanchez Bauer, Shirley Miller, Top R L-R Patricia Dede Larmon, Shelley Stults (holding portrait of photographer Mandie Bauer), Tuula Westlake, Julie Moore, Sharon Nunez Couch. Photo by Mandie Bauer


Many thanks to members of the Colleyville Book Club for their warm welcome and lively discussion about my second novel, Johnnie Come Lately. As an author, it’s so gratifying to be invited to a serious book club where the members show up having read your book, some with notes in hand, and are eager to meet you and discuss a story that took six years to bring to life.

Hostess Tari Sanchez Bauer @ Colleyville Book ClubA big round of applause to hostess Tari Sanchez Bauer for selecting my novel for the December book club pick and a special thanks to her daughter and cohost, Mandie Bauer, for taking the photos. Deep into the discussion, Tari brought an element of magic to the evening when she shared a powerful and personal story about why cardinals are so meaningful in her life. The framed cardinal and centerpiece on her table is a gift from her daughter, Mandie.Hostess Tari Bauer' table for Johnnie Come Lately (1)

Not only were the members eager to discuss my novel, they also wanted to learn more about how the city of Grapevine, TX influenced the setting for my fictional Portion, hometown to protagonist Johnnie Kitchen and her family.

Everyone is excited that I’m working on the sequel to Johnnie, titled Seven Wings to Glory. Kathleen M. Rodgers signing Johnnie Come LatelyThanks to this great group of readers, I came away from the evening with a renewed sense of faith in my work and a whole new set of friends.


“No Stress Book Club” of Grapevine, TX discusses Johnnie Come Lately

Posted March 26, 2015

Dr. Cindy Ryan lead the discussion
Dr. Cindy Ryan led the discussion

Dr. Cindy Ryan, a minister at First United Methodist Church of Grapevine, TX,  read about Johnnie Come Lately in the book section of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and ordered the novel. She was intrigued by the book’s description:  “Johnnie Come Lately is set in historic Portion, a Metroplex suburb that is loosely based on Grapevine, and follows Johnnie Kitchen, a 43-year-old housewife with a secret.”

After Cindy read the novel, she contacted me through my website and told me she’d picked Johnnie for her book club’s March selection. She invited me to attend the “No Stress Book Club” which started in 2006. They’d never had an author visit before.

Last night, this warm and fun-loving group welcomed me with open arms. 


Members of the "No Stress Book Club" of Grapevine, TX met at the home of Trudy Hughes (bottom row, far L) to discuss Johnnie Come Lately.
Members of the “No Stress Book Club” of Grapevine, Texas, met at the home of Trudy Hughes (bottom row, far L) to discuss Johnnie Come Lately.

“A beautifully crafted story about family secrets and second chances, Johnnie Come Latley is a guaranteed book club favorite.”  Barbara Claypole White, award-winning author of The Unfinished Garden and The In-Between Hour

To learn more about Johnnie Come Lately, please visit my website.

Claudia’s Book Talk selects Johnnie Come Lately for book club discussion March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015

Claudia's Book Talk to discuss Johnnie Come Lately by kathleenmrodgersClaudia’s Book Talk, an online book club, selects  Johnnie Come Lately for discussion on Monday, March 2, 2015 @ 8:30 pm EST (7:30 pm CST, 6:30 pm MST, 5:30 pm PST). Anyone can join in on the discussion. All you need to do is ask to join the group. No hurt feelings if you “unjoin” following tonight’s event. Hope to see you there. All you have to do is click on the following link:


Claudia Stephan
Claudia Stephan

“Every once in a while I come across a book that moves me deeply at the core of my very being. Johnnie Come Lately falls into that category with ease. This beautiful character study of the Kitchen family in Portion, Texas touches on so many issues we all can relate to at some level.” Claudia Stephan, creator of Claudia’s Book Talk

Congratulations to book club member Brenda Randolph on winning an autographed copy of Johnnie Come Lately after participating in the discussion.
Congratulations to book club member Brenda Randolph on winning an autographed copy of Johnnie Come Lately.



The book is available in paperback and e-book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million and many other online booksellers. If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, please visit the Southlake B & N to pick up your copy.