One day when we’re grownups…

One day when we’re grownups

we’ll leave behind

our schoolyard bullies

stop name-calling

and throwing spit wads and rocks

at others

for being different.

 One day when we’re grownups

we’ll hold hands

with our neighbors

step out of our comfort zones

and look into the faces of strangers

and see ourselves…


Author’s note: Please add your own line or two in the comment section. Let’s continue the dialogue.

The author at age ten.
The author at age ten.



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29 thoughts on “One day when we’re grownups…”

  1. one day the inter net
    will be our outer net

    wet wires will be the diamonds
    on the hearts of our sleeves

    my song will be your song
    sung in joyful unison

    born to us – by us – for us
    like a child

    1. Beautiful poem Kathleen– Quick thoughts from my vantage point–

      One day when we are old
      We’ll reach out to younger hands than ours
      And hope to ease the childhood pain we knew
      To leave instead the touch of love.

  2. One day when we’re adults
    We will treasure the people whom enter our lives and make us smile with our mouths, our eyes, and inside our hearts.
    We will teach our children that love is the answer,
    One day. When we’re adults.

    1. Hello, Anne,

      What a blessing you are. Your words “make us smile with our mouths, our eyes, and inside our hearts” lift me up and away from the troubles of the day.
      Thank you. Hope your Sunday is glorious.

      1. Thank you, Kathleen.
        I am happy to have found people like you and Joy online, whose kindness shines through in all your words. Kindness and love really mean everything to me.

    1. Tyler,

      Love the imagery of children running after dogs. Everybody is carefree and no monsters lurk behind trees. And you are so right about how food tasted so much better when we were children. 🙂

      Thanks so much for playing along. I hope you have a great Sunday.

  3. Love the responses, Kathleen, and your blessing on the world. Look at the fire your poem ignited. I’m a follower of of Doreen’s path. I think of the Dalai Lama saying, “Kindness is my religion.” Then I remember he said in 2009: “The world will be saved by the western woman.”
    We have a big assignment!

    1. Elaine,

      I’m so bless to have you in my circle of light. I love the quotes you’ve left for me and others to read. They are a gift and I will take them in.
      I’m looking forward to the release of your book LEANING INTO LOVE!! 🙂

  4. Dear Kathleen:
    One day when we are old
    We will stop looking to others for approval
    And stop trying to please our mother
    And stop trying to rise above another
    By putting them down in order to feel better
    about ourselves
    When we are already OK
    Whomever we are – for the time that is at hand.

    1. Oh Flo,

      What truth in your words!! Yes, let’s hope for that day when we no longer seek approval. It is a bottomless pit that can’t be filled with physical things.
      God Bless you. So glad you are my friend.

  5. Kathy, one day when we are old….
    we’ll sit and talk about the yesterdays
    and laugh and wonder whatever happened to so and so.
    We’ll call our kids to come take us to the doctor
    and to do a little grocery shopping, too, that day.
    They’ll pick me up for church on Sunday
    and I’ll sit next to that sweet little granddaughter
    and listen to her angelic voice singing
    “His Eye is on the Sparrow and I know he’s watching me.” 🙂

    That just came off the top of my head and probably makes no sense. lol

    1. Johnnie: Jim and I have been attending a 4-week talk on John’s Revelation letter. We have so enjoyed the music, led by one of the members of the Old German Baptist group where our speaker used to go….. I love the old hymns and miss them in the congregation of “progressive” music where we go. I miss the old and love the old gospel hymns that you so often comment on.

  6. Unfortunately even as adults we forget what damage our words can do. I was just thinking the other day of the saying’sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me’. Now that we’ve left the playground we need to remember how untrue that is.

    1. You are so right, Barbara. My title “One Day When We’re Grownups” is meant as a satire as we still haven’t figured it out. But there is always hope.
      So good to see you here on my blog. Thank you.
      Go Wildcats!! 😉

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