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On the eve of my husband’s surgery to remove a pancreatic cyst, two quilters from our church’s quilt group dropped by the house to present this “prayer quilt” to Tom. Ellen Boston and Pauline McCallum told Tom to wrap himself in its warmth and to know that he is loved and cared for.


As we gathered in a small circle in our living room and Ellen began to pray, Tom lifted the quilt to his heart and opened himself to prayer.Prayer Quilt 2


Many thanks to so many people who’ve reached out to us these past few weeks.


Tom and I are so grateful,





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14 thoughts on “PRAYER QUILT”

  1. Kathleen, what a beautiful gesture of love and friendship from those two women! The colors in the quilt are so soothing, the patterns simple yet intricate. It’s a work of art grounded in prayer and faith. That’s about as loving and kind as it gets! I’m holding you and Tom in my heart. Much love. Joy

    1. Dearest Joy,

      That prayer quilt ended up keeping me warm in the hospital. LOL. I covered myself with it every night and tried to have faith.
      It’s back home at the end of our bed and there for Tom when he needs it.

    1. Elaine,

      I’ve been thinking of what you went through with Vic. I am so exhausted after only a week so I can only imagine what you went through.
      I did bring Tom home…again and hopefully we don’t have any more setbacks.
      Blessings my friend.

  2. What a wonderful expression of love from your quilting friends at your church. I love the prayer quilt. God bless both of you as Tom goes through surgery. Dennis and I will be praying.

  3. He is wrapped in pure love from genuine souls filled with God’s warmth. My prayers to you and Tom add to the abundance. ..

  4. Tom/Kat,
    There is nothing more powerful than heartfelt prayer and the faith that it WILL happen as God sees best. I love you guys and you all will be lifted up in prayer. Be sure to let us know how his recovery goes! Love you!

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