Running On Red Dog Road: “The Waltons meet Little House on the Prairie told with Mark Twain’s humor”

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Every once in a while, a voice comes along that makes you yearn for a childhood you never lived. Author Drema Hall Berkheimer invites you to skip along with her, big sis Vonnie, and best friend Sissy into the coal mining hills and hollers of West Virginia, at a time when gypsies and hobos were as common as doctors who made house calls.

My husband is a longtime fan of Drema’s work. Tom calls Running On Red Dog Road “The Waltons meet Little House on the Prairie told with Mark Twain’s humor.”

We both highly recommend this book.

Drema and I met at the The Writer’s Garret, Dallas, TX in 2008. I fell in love with this book the moment she started reading those early chapters in critique.

Dallas Morning News says, “The narrator’s sometimes saucy voice is that of “the little girl I once was.”

Publishers Weekly says, “Berkheimer’s voice is captivating, bringing a vast array of strange but thoughtful characters to life: vagabonds, faith healers, farmers, and miners.”

About Drema Hall Berkheimer:

Drema at the 2016 Public Library Association annual conference in Denver, CO.
Drema at the 2016 Public Library Association annual conference in Denver, CO. To read more about her visit, click here.

Born in a West Virginia coal camp called Penman, Drema Hall Berkheimer now lives on Word Street in Dallas, so maybe writing was her destiny all along. Her memoir, Running On Red Dog Road, is a testament to her life in small town Appalachia, the child of a miner killed in the mines, a Rosie the Riveter mother, and devout Pentecostal grandparents. Chapters from Running on Red Dog Road won First Place Nonfiction and First Honorable Mention Nonfiction in the 2010 WV Writers Competition and were published in WV South, an award-winning magazine where she has been a frequent contributor. She has memoir, fiction, flash fiction, poetry, and essays published in numerous online and print literary journals and other publications. Affiliations are WV Writers, Salon Quatre, and The Writers Garret in Dallas, where she lives with her husband and a neurotic cat who takes after her. Her husband is mostly normal.



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Author of the novels The Final Salute, Johnnie Come Lately & Seven Wings to Glory. Former contributor to Family Circle Magazine and Military Times. Future work represented by agent Diane Nine, Nine Speakers Inc.

4 thoughts on “Running On Red Dog Road: “The Waltons meet Little House on the Prairie told with Mark Twain’s humor””

  1. Kathleen, thanks for introducing RUNNING ON RED DOG ROAD and Other Perils of An Appalachian Childhood to your world in such a grand manner. You (and Tom) have been there for me from the very beginning of this journey. Lots of curves and bumps along the way, but here we are with books to hold in our hand – you with two, Johnnie Come Lately and The Final Salute and another in the pipeline. Way to go!
    Many hugs…

    1. My Dearest Drema,

      It is my absolute honor to feature you and Running On Red Dog Road on my blog in my little corner of the world. Tom and I have enjoyed getting to know you and your family through your words. You are a natural talent. Let’s keep skipping along together as we continue on the journey.
      All my love,

  2. Kathleen,

    My lack of social media grace shows in my not leaving you a note thanking you for this great coverage of RRDR. You have been a constant friend and source of energy, helping keep me on track throughout this long long journey.
    And now you have finished your third novel, Seven Wings to Glory. I’m so impressed. I know you have your fourth in mind. Go, girlfriend.

    Much love,

    1. My Dearest Drema,
      Forgive me for just now seeing your sweet note. I’m honored to be part of your journey and I’m thrilled for the continuing success of Running On Red Dog Road. I am so proud of you.
      Love you to infinity and beyond,

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