Grammy®Award-winning vocalist Leslie Ellis narrates the audio edition of Johnnie Come Lately by Kathleen M. Rodgers

June 1, 2016Version 2

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Press Release from Camel Press

Grammy® Award-winning vocalist Leslie Ellis has sung with many artists including as a featured vocalist with Celine Dion on “My Heart will Go On” and Thomas Dolby on his latest album “Forty.” She sang the original soundtrack “Six Times Around the Sun” for the CBS mini-series, “Perfect Murder, Perfect Town,” and she’s done countless TV/radio jingles and song demos for SONY Music.

In 2007, her self penned “The Flyer Song” was adopted by the US Navy and made into a video tribute to the troops and their families. She’s had dozens of cuts by other artists including The Bellamy Brothers and NYC based singer/songwriter David Ippolito.

As an actress, Leslie has appeared on television and the Broadway stage including leading roles in CATS, LA CAGE AUX FOLLES, and CITY OF ANGELS. She’s performed roles in the films “My Name Is Wallace” (2007) which was invited to the Cannes Film Festival; “The New True Charlie Wu”; The feature film “Unconditional” and “Happy New Year Mr. Kates.” She won a best actress award for her roll as Tiffany in “My Name Is Wallace.”

Audio book narrating and production are a part of her world as well, so look for her on Leslie has released three solo albums, “Standing at the Moment”, “Leslie Ellis,” and “Making the Best” available on Working Jane Records. Leslie performs live across the USA and Europe with hit songwriter Casey Kelly.

Johnnie Come Lately published by Camel Press.

Artist Jenny Zovein creates watercolor depicting key scene from Johnnie Come Lately, an award-winning novel

March 28, 2016

Mama at war memorial by Jenny Zovein (Johnnie Come Lately, published by Camel Press).
Mama at war memorial by Jenny Zovein (Johnnie Come Lately, Camel Press)


Author’s note: In the following passage from my novel, Johnnie Come Lately (Camel Press), the protagonist, Johnnie Kitchen, is standing at the kitchen sink reflecting on her mother who’s been missing for twenty-three years. Johnnie’s husband, Dale, spotted Mama at the war memorial the day before. 

Chapter 16

“Go Army”

Her mind drifted to the empty bench in front of

the war memorial a few blocks to the west. She imagined a

woman, limber and lithe, making her way to the bench. Once

seated, the woman tilted her head and said something to the

soldier. Then the birds scattered and the woman rushed away,

leaving nothing behind. As if she’d never been there.

“What are you thinking so hard about?”

Startled, Johnnie turned from the window and caught Dale

gazing at her.

The cherry tomatoes were still cupped in her hands. Water

dripped everywhere. She swallowed. “Mama.”

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bio for artist Jenny Zovein for Kathleen M. Rodgers' novel, Johnnie Come Lately (1)A note from the artist:

My name is Jenny Zovein. Colorado has been my home for the last 47 years. I was born in Pennsylvania in 1949. Shortly before my first birthday, my family moved to Colorado. During my childhood I lived throughout the United States in Pennsylvania, Colorado, Utah, California, Alabama, and Maryland. Doing a full circle brought me back to Colorado in 1969. I am retired and spend many hours doing my artwork. I started when I was a little child but only started watercolor painting in 2014. 

I am the mother of two grown children. My son and his wife live in San Francisco and my daughter lives near me. They both give me inspiration to continue what I love doing.  

I was fortunate to travel to Europe and visited Holland, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, France, and England. This trip was a big factor in my love for art and culture.

To see more of Jenny’s work, click on the following links:

Jenny’s art page on Facebook

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Johnnie Come Lately Wins First Place for Women’s Fiction in Texas Association of Authors 2016 Best Book Awards

March 1, 2016womens fic


We are pleased to announce that Johnnie Come Lately wins another book award, this one for Women’s Fiction from Texas Association of Authors 2016 Best Book Awards. To date, the novel has garnered four awards: three for content and one for cover art. The other awards are: Gold Medal for Literary Fiction from Military Writers Society of America 2015 Book Awards, Bronze Medal for Women’s Fiction from Readers’ Favorite 2015 International Book Awards, and 2015 Best Covers Contest from Southern Writers Magazine. To see the complete list of winners click here or watch a brief video. Buy Johnnie Come Lately at Amazon or B & NTexas Best Book Awads 2016 First Place Women's Fiction, Johnnie Come Lately by kathleenmrodgers