Bubba’s Last Walk

Bubba's last walk. 5/13/13
Bubba’s last walk. 5/13/13

The night before Bubba died, he trotted into my office and sat at my feet. The look on his face said it all: “Take me for a walk, please.”

I closed my computer and rubbed the top of his head. “Are you sure you feel up to it?  You’ve been lethargic all day.”Our sweet Bubba 5:14:13

After he wagged his tail “yes” we were out the door. No sooner had we crossed the street when something told me to get out my phone camera and capture this moment. I sent the photo in a text message to both of our sons. Looking back, I realize I was trying to reassure them that Bubba was okay. He was out for his walk which meant everything was fine, right?

The next morning Bubba collapsed on the living room floor after going out with Tom to get the newspaper. We didn’t hesitate. We loaded him into our Suburban and rushed him to Dr. Wied’s office.  On the way there, I sent the boys the following text: “Bubba is in distress. Dad and I are taking him to the vet.  We are doing everything we can to help him.”

Bubba died on the table, surrounded by Dr. Wied and his staff. They loved Bubba, too, and they did everything they could to save him. He was nine years old and the heartbeat of our home.

My youngest son's Facebook post the day Bubba died.
My youngest son’s Facebook post the day Bubba died.

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Kathleen and Bubba Dog.
Kathleen and Bubba Dog. His final gift to us? We asked him to lead us to a doggie that needed a good home. He led us to Denton the Wonder Dog. To read more about Denton, click here.